Family update

Ella started pre-K 4 on Monday and is excited to be back at school with her chums. She will be going 3 days a week. Max is a little sad that he is still too little to go to school but is having fun playing with his Star Wars action figures while waiting for Ella to get home.

I (Sarah) am going back to work full time on Monday, August 25th. The kid's will be at home in the care of our nanny Felicia who is coming back to work and bringing her baby Aubrey with her to the house. We're still working out logistics of schedules and car seat space for the pre-K running around and it's a true blessing this has all worked out for us. I received official word of the start date yesterday afternoon, so today and Friday are purely have fun with the kids days.

Since Chris has been giving you lots of information on Fay and Olympics, I will will say only that the kids and I are having a fun cozy bundled up day watching the storm outside go by while we have a movie marathon and sip hot cocoa with marshmallows. Ummmmm....yummy. Ella has been sneaking out of her room to watch gymnastics every night cheering loudly for our "crunchtry" (country) and needs these lazy days to catch up. It is rather gusty and some of the trees look bent over and ready to break so we're staying away from the windows for now.

I have to tell you our spider update - Pest folks came out 4 times or so plus I waged battle on the remaining survivors on the porch with our home sprayer. Those were the brown widows and we have killed a few more scorpions inside. The best moment of spider killing mommy time was when Chris hollered for me in the pantry and there was a large wolf spider (size of a baseball if you drew a line around its legs spread out) headed up the wall behind the food supplies. I kept throwing stuff down and whacking at the wall but he was quick! Finally, I scaled the shelves and straddled both sides of the pantry to reach the top corner of the wall and whacked him good! I felt like a Ninja Warrior! Ella and Chris just stood at the door cheering as I climbed and when I killed the spider I got a memory moment of Ella that will last through her teen years of her looking at me in awe and stating "WOW Mom! That was aaawwweeesome!"


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That was hysterical!!!!!! Love, Gene, Lisa, & Caitlin

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