Obama is an idiot

I really don't like Senator Obama, I think he is way too liberal, bordering on socialist tendencies. But, I want to comment on his latest add that I just saw which ends with it saying "...middle class first". This add is built on several principles, none of which have anything to do with helping the middle class.

1) End the war in Iraq responsibly.
Not sure how this would help the middle class in any way whatsoever. All this would do is end some angst in this country and allow a very volatile area of the world to become even more volatile. Even if I liked Obama, I would not vote for him just for this principle on its own.

2) Improve schools
How are you going to do this? By raising taxes, that's how. How does that help the middle class?

3) End tax breaks for big oil companies
What? If anything is going to cause higher prices at the pump, it's this. If oil companies start paying even more in taxes (they already pay 3 times more in taxes then they make in profit, that's ridiculous), all they are going to do is pass those costs on to us.

It is not that I like McCain, because I don't love him, but Obama is just an idiot. How do any of things in his latest ad help the middle class? It is ludicrous. I really hope that the American public just doesn't buy into this dribble blindly without thinking about it. If anyone has the guts to stand up and challenge him (and Obama would also stand on the other side of the debate, which he has not been willing to do yet), he would get destroyed because he stands on no real principles. He will flip and flop all over the place to try and make people feel good.


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is he talks about change and new ideas and he goes and picks the old crusty guy from Delaware....What is wrong Senator Bryd and Senator Kennedy turn you down. What a joke!

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