Fay bites back

Well, Fay turned around and pounding us all day. It is still raining, I think we are going on about 32 straight hours of rain, heavy rain too.

We just got our power back, it went out at about 5, came back on at about 7:30, lasted 10 minutes and then we lost it again. We had to fill the house with candles, but it finally just came back on.

We have a little water seepage into the west side of the house into Ella and Max's rooms. It is somewhat common down here in these slab block houses, it happened in our old house too. I just hoped it would have taken a serious hurricane to make it happen here. The carpet is all wet all along that outer wall of the house, we had to move all of the furniture away from there, it is a real pain.

Sarah told the kids that the house was leaking, so Ella wanted to put on her swimsuit so that she could swim in the flood. Max simply said "me can't swim mommy", so Sarah had to explain the purpose of the retention pond just behind the house and that the house was not going to flood. I wish I had some photos of oue house that flooded when I was a kid, they would have gotten a kick out of that.


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