Hurricane alert

Looks like Hurricane Fay is headed our way, probably making landfall a bit southwest of us as a Category 1 hurricane around Wednesday morning right now.

Weather Forecast from the local news.

The worst part of it is that it will probably knock out the satellite signal so we won't be able to watch the olympics. Other than that, it will probably just be a lot of rain and stuff, maybe a day off of work and school.

In other news, we are still rabidly attached to the Olympics, it is all we have been watching since it began. Even while I am work, I turn it on because I have a TV at my desk and we pipe cable throughout the entire building to everyone's cubes.

Ella start Pre-K next Monday, the same place that she went to last year, so she will be in class with most of the same kids.

We are getting ready to go see the new Star Wars cartoon, Ella and Max are really excited. Ella woke up like it was Christmas and was running around the house singing "it's movie day, oh yeah", over and over again.


Chris said...

Some updated paths and projections on the hurricane:

Link to Local 6 (local NBC affiliate)

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