Still nothing from Fay

Tuesday night, and we sill have not had any effect from Fay. It has been getting pushed further and further west over the last day, and the rain and heavy winds seem to be centered on the northwest side of the storm. So, we have not had anything here at the house, no wind, no rain.

My office closed at 4pm, but schools are still scheduled to be open tomorrow, even though the latest forecast has the storm getting into the Atlantic and turning into a hurricane before turning back around and hitting Jacksonville. The winds have not really slowed down at all and are still at about 65mph near the center of the storm.

It supposed to be pretty much out of here sometime tomorrow morning.

This guy went for a pretty wild ride. He apparently thought that it would be a good idea to go kite surfing in the storm. The storm had the last laugh, the guy is in critical condition right now.


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