Another Halloween

Another successful Halloween in the books, our pictures just suck. The kids had a great time, in a very busy day. Ella had school in the morning, and they had a little party. Then the kids got all dressed up and everyone came to my work to trick or treat around the office, and they had a little Halloween party. We hurried home to have some pizza and go trick or treating.

Sarah's parents came down, and we have some friends from Brazil visiting, they were trying to get down from South Carolina to see the whole Halloween phenomenon. They did make it a bit late, so we were not able to show them much, but they saw some stuff.

We went trick or treating in our old neighborhood with our old friends. Its is good for trick or treating, a lot of people, everyone walks around with drinks, it is good fun. One house goes all out and builds a haunted house in their garage every year. It is actually really good. Ella ran through it and just loved it. Max had the daylights scared out of him by a kid dressed as Joker hiding around a corner, he dropped all of his candy and spilled it all over the floor. Joker was nice and helped clean it up. Ella took Timoteo (our Brazilian friend) back through after he finally made it down. The guy who owns the house was amazed that she isn't scared by anything, she just keeps saying "it's just a costume".

Jacob (our old neighbor) was Harry Potter, and Ella was Hermoine, so they made a good team. Max was Anakin, and he was definitely sweet.

Here are a few photos, I'll see if anyone else has any better ones.


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