Oh boy, 0-4

Despite a really good week of intense practice, we still lost our 4th soccer game of the season. It wasn't even close, we lost 10-3. Now, in our defense, the other team had the Ronaldinho of the Apopka Under 5 soccer league, the kid was incredible.

I think the focus on defense has been taken a little too literally by the kids, that was all they were interested in all game, we generated almost no offense.

I pulled myself out at halftime (the coaches are on the field with kids and act as refs in the Under 5 league), and put in my assistant coach, Matt for the second half.

I received a vote of confidence at the end of the game by some of the parents, they thought the kids played better. I'm not sure that we watched the same game.


Anonymous said...

Was it a bad late flag??? Oh wait that was the Lions!!!

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