Food and Wine Festival

Epcot is running their annual Food and Wine Festival which is one of our favorite events. They setup all of these little booths all around the World Showcase and you can buy food items, wine, and beer from all over the world. We usually go 3 or 4 times while they run the event for a month and a half each year. This was a our 2nd trip this year.

It can get pretty raucous for Disney standards. There are always groups of people on pub crawls around the world. The usually get the custom shirts made up, that say stuff like "We aren't leaving until we're heaving", stuff like that. Then, there is this other weird element where they dress up in themes. This last trip there was a group that were all dressed like 80's tennis players. Big socks, short shorts, headbands, kind of crazy. If the groups are not into theme dressing, then they go for the crazy hat approach and try to buy the craziest hat that they can find in Disney.


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