Fall Festival in Celebration

We made our 2nd annual trip down to the Fall Festival in Celebration. We go with some of our friends down here, and their families, it is usually a pretty good time. Celebration is a planned community close to Disney that was mostly designed by Disney architects. It is a cool little town, and they do this Octoberfest festival each year. They close all of the city streets and have food vendors, drinks, etc. Then, every hour or so they blow fake leaves all over main street. I had my first ever boot full of beer. It is not that exciting really, just a big plastic cup that is shaped like a cowboy boot with a strap around it so that you can put it around your neck (I was not that dorky, I just carried it around).

At the end of main street, they setup a stage and have a bunch of bands come in and play music. This year, they had this guy, Robbie Carrico who was on American Idol last year. The crowd was going pretty crazy for him, and he actually wasn't that bad up there live on the stage.

They had some face painters setup, so we let Ella get her face painted. Despite me trying to talk her into the girly designs like flowers, or a princess, she wanted to be a skeleton. So, I let her, she really enjoyed the power of being scary, she ran around scaring all of her friends, screaming at them.


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