Mr. Barrack "The Liar" Obama on TV Tonight

Mr. Obama is going to be all over network TV tonight, apparently he has purchased 30 minutes of time on a lot of the major networks (I'll watch baseball instead thank you). Everyone should remember that it was not quite a year ago that he promised to stay even with his counterparts in campaign financing. Boy, did he break that in a hurry. Don't just take my word for it, even CNN is calling him out.

Link to story by CNN

If he gets elected, his lies will never stop. Tax cuts, hah (you will notice that he has never said when he would put these tax cuts into place). Health care reform, good luck.

All he will do is sit there and waste a whole bunch of our money putting this country in an even worse position.


Anonymous said...

Great comments. We need to defeat this man or we will all be living in his communist world. I don't know about you I am not a big fan of grey.

Liar could be replaced with loser.

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