The Chants for "Fire Wynn" Begin

The Apopka Pirates dropped their 3rd game today by a score of 10-6. We were the better team today but lost due to a lack of discipline. Rumors are beginning that my practices are too soft, nevertheless, they will remain closed to the public for now while we work on internal team issues.

We were down by 5 points early, but mounted a comeback to get within 1. We started the second half with no intensity and let the other team walk all over us, before I knew it we were down by 4 again. There was no coming back this time.

We are going to try a more intense practice this week, get the kids to start paying attention. Ella is going to get some one on one attention as she was a little afraid of the ball today. She had an easy goal opportunity, but failed to take the shot because there was another player nearby, so she let up going after the ball.


Anonymous said...

In the words of the great Lions coach, "Time to go back to work"

Anonymous said...

off with his head

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