Men's 4x100m Freestyle Olympic Race

By far and away, the most exited event of the olympic so far was last night's swimming event. It was Michael Phelps', 2nd of 8 events to win gold in, and the one that was going to be the toughest. The French team have been really good and were talking trash about the Americans saying that they were going to smash the Americans.

We were behind going into the last leg, with the anchor for the French team being the current world record holder in that distance, but the American, Jason Lezak didn't give up and swam the fastest leg of this relay 32 years old. He had to make up about a full body lead by the French halfway through his leg, and he really burned it down the stretch. It was unbelievable, they smashed the world record in the process.

In case you missed it, you can check it out here:

Link to video on

Take that Frenchies!

I also added a nifty little video viewer from NBC over on the right.


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