VICTORY!, Oh how sweet it finally is

The Apopka Pirates finally got their first win of the season tonight with a 9-3 victory over the Yellow Jackets. We were tied at halftime at 3-3, and we just came out steaming for the second half to put up 6 goals. We won due to one of these three reasons:

1) We just stepped up to play in primetime under the lights. None of our kids are really morning people, so this could be it.
2) The last few of weeks of intense physical practices are starting to pay dividends. The kids were attacking the other team and driving to the goal like mad tonight.
3) The other team just happened to not be as good as us. They did lack a superstar like all the other teams have had.

We'll see how these last 3 games play out to see which one is true.


Anonymous said...

option 4 - only had 6 players?
option 5 - Goalie forgot her glasses?
option 6 - Chris kept tripping the other team along his sideline?
option 7 - parents made their kids watch osama-merical and they decided that they really didn't have to play hard because osama would fix everything for them and always make them winners.

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